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About Mpo Tshukudu

About Mpo Tshukudu

My health approach

I believe your weight issues will resolve themselves when you trust the wisdom of the ancestors, prepare your food slowly and eat it with people you love.

Your thoughts, moods and movement contribute to the quality of your life, because they affect your hunger, energy levels and sleep quality. It’s your lifestyle that makes your body beautiful and healthy. Not just your calorie kilojoule intake.

My approach to food and wellness is from a functional nutrition perspective, which means I treat the whole person, using whole foods. I look at what you eat, what you drink, how you move, how you sleep and how you socialise, to guide you to create your very own wellness path, so that you can become the healthiest “you” you can be.

Why I care

I’m African. After many years of suffering from leaky gut syndrome and numerous food allergies, I started taking a closer look at my Anglo-Euro centric diet. As a registered dietician I realised, that like me, most of my clients were middle class black South Africans and the first generation with lifestyle disease.  Something was going on.

I noticed that as we moved further away from our heritage and acculturated to the western and city lifestyle - including what we cooked and ate – we gained weight. Not only that but many of my clients were being diagnosed with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and abdominal fat (mkhaba).

With all good intentions, eating plans with mostly foreign foods just didn’t work. And then it hit me.

“If we are what we eat, if we ignore our familial taste presence, then we become someone else”

What I learned is that our cultures are full of immense nutritional knowledge, which is in the very fabric of heritage. I learned that African food is healthy, delicious and beautiful. And all these answers that we have been looking for to solve our health problems, are literally right under our noses. We have been eating foraged, organic, ancient, gluten-free, vegan, low GI, low GL, slow-cooked, seasonal, sustainable, grass-fed, hormone-free for generations.


I have seen the magic of what is possible. This is why I’ve dedicated my career to honouring our cultures using healthy, indigenous, whole foods to help you heal your body and learning from you, my clients.