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Work With Mpho

Creative Culinary Consultant

My work focuses on taste science and health, sustainable high quality food creation and legislation. I help food companies, producers and restaurants develop concepts, tell stories about their products, source and use sustainable, healthy and culturally appropriate food products and label their products. Find out more 

Talk and keynote addresses

What someone eats tells a story about who they are. I offer talks on socio-cultural-ecological aspects of food.


My health approach includes food, sleep, movement, sense of belonging,  mindfulness and connecting with nature.  Popular topics include:

1. Gut health as the cornerstone for health 

2. African food is healthy, beautiful & delicious

3. Fermented foods for health

4. Body composition and cardio metabolic health

Previous clients include Roche, Unilever and Danone. Find out more 

Recipe development

I offer recipe development, nutrition analysis and menu planning for individuals and companies. I apply culinary medicine principle to choose, prepare & cook ingredients in a language that your body understands. I use culturally relevant ingredients to produce healthy, innovative & modern recipes.

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