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The word diet comes from the Greek word ‘diaita’ meaning a way of life. It acknowledges the influence of lifestyle (food, sleep, movement, mindfulness, relationship and community) and environment on your health (mental, physical and spiritual). 


Initial Consultation

Follow Up

I dig deep and find the root causes of your health issues in order to understand your health needs. Diet, gut health, genetics, activity levels, sleep, stress and other factors are addressed to support your healing.

After our consultation, I prepare a summary including personalised recommendations regarding your diet, supplements and other lifestyle factors  to meet your goals. 

Time: 2 x 1 Hour

Cost: R1500

Three to four weeks after the initial consultation, we review  your Food and Lifestyle  plan and make changes where needed.

Time: 30 min

Cost: R 300


Wellbeing Package

A package of 1 Initial Consultation and a 30 min min follow up. With the package, you save R100,00.

Time: 1 x 2 Hours + 30 min

Cost: R1700

Consultation Process

We bring our practice right to your home via virtual visit on a secure platform.

Mpho Tshukudu Registered Dietitian is strictly cash practice. On payment you will receive a statement which may be submitted to your medical aid, where they may reimburse you according to your Medical Aid plan.


1. Schedule your virtual appointment 

We will send you new patient paperwork to complete and return via email before your consultation time because it will be reviewed during your appointment.  The forms gathers information about health history, symptoms, mental health, eating, sleeping and exercise habits and more.


2. Link to wellness

You will receive an access link to be used at the time of your appointment.


3.During your consultation 

Your virtual consultation includes:

  • Health evaluation 

  • Review of symptoms & challenges

  • Laboratory and or genetic results review or requisition

  • Evaluation of health goals

  • Nutrition and diet evaluation

  • An individualised diet & lifestyle plan

I look forward to working with you.

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